Blastoff Basics

Blastoff is a free website for everyone, always.  6a0693a1-80be-4f98-a88f-d86b1d023d7a

If  you are a Prepaid Legal associate (you represent and promote PPL) you can get your Blastoff website immediately.  Be sure to sign up for eService first otherwise you won’t get your commissions.

If you are a Prepaid Legal member (you use PPL’s services), you can become a PPL associate for a discounted rate in order to qualify for 20 levels deep of commissions.

If you don’t want to be a part of the PPL team then wait until Oct 12 to get your free site and you will receive commissions 10 levels deep.  In the mean time, you can promote the idea to all your friends using this video introduction below.  Creating the hype will prepare everyone to get their own websites on Oct 12 through your website that you will get Oct 12.

Here is the message I have been sending out to my friends:

“Your Name Here”   is already addicted to her Blastoff page and we haven’t even launched!!! Get your page today!! SHOPPING ANYONE???
I hope this helps clarify it a little bit.  It’s an exciting opportunity and I’m ready to blast off.

Thanks for stopping in.  I hope you found this info helpful.

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