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Write your questions in the comments of this post  if you want to know  how to use TweetAdder or what it does.   Basically, you want to build a large list of followers in your niche, which in another easy way to build your Buyer/Seller list.  Check out my Twitter account as an example:  http://twitter.com/WealthNavigator

“Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out.
Robert Collier

Indeed!  And I say, put it on autopilot–with  TweetAdder!

If you would rather have me build your list, I’d be pleased to do it for you.  $99/mo will get you the expertise you need to craft a strong following.  There’s a one time start up fee of $500 which includes a custom page.  If you work with me, Megan McGinnis, you’ll get cutting edge social media strategies.