Cheap Real Estate Education Can Be Had Here!

Tired of all those expensive infomercials on how to learn to invest in real estate?  I’ve paid lots of money in order to get my real estate education over the years but I’m really tired of all those fly-by-night, get-rich-quick schemers.   But I have found a few educators that I really like to follow because they are putting into practice what they preach.

1. My first favorite real estate trainer is Ron LeGrand, whose real estate education I highly value. I’ve attended many of his free workshops over time and have learned loads about buying, selling, and holding real estate through his tutelage.

He taped a brand-new, cutting-edge Wholesaling Course in February, and just got the edited CDs ready to release, but instead of selling his brand-new course, he’s giving away the whole course, CDs and manual, for a measly dollar.

That’s right, a $599 course for ONE DOLLAR.  Get it here…..This is step-by-step instruction where you’ll learn why wholesaling is the fastest way to get a check for $10,000 in real estate using none of your own money or credit, with no previous experience. Ron has thousands closing deals daily all over North America all for one dollar.

Crazy, isn’t it?

Crazy or not, his staff couldn’t stop him, but they did come to an agreement. They’re only going to leave this ridiculous offer up for a little while, so go to right now, and get his complete, $599.00 Wholesaling Course for one dollar before he comes to his senses.

2. On to the second real estate trainer, Steve Dexter.
He’s here in Southern California and he speaks regularly in the Laguna Beach area if you’d like to meet him personally. He’s not just a regular fellow from Oklahoma with a down-to-earth personality but he holds about 27 investment properties which he self manages while he enjoys a comfortable lifestyle.

What does he sell? Twenty dollar books! That’s it! Check them out here. Once you purchase the books you have access to him via Facebook & Twitter and he’ll answer any questions you might want to pitch.  He’s got a fabulous newsletter too that you’ll have free access to.  Good stuff!

What else makes Steve Dexter real? The fact that he’s lost over 50 pounds in the past year and is excited about fitness and taking control of one’s waist-line. I’m a fitness freak too–not really freak but the alliteration is too much to resist. I know Steve personally and I’m super proud of his accomplishment and his current passion because it’s been a lifetime passion of mine.

So if you are wanting to learn about real estate and catch this next wave of fortune, check out these trainers:

Ron LeGrand

Steve Dexter

See you at the top!

Megan McGinnis