There are Children in Need-Help with Christmas Charities

This economy has taken its toll on us.  People are out of work, underemployed or afraid of losing their jobs.  But inspite of all our personal hardships we are called to help others.  It’s a good thing to do because it takes our minds off our own worries at least for a short time and it gives a warm happy feeling in our hearts to know that we’ve made a difference in someone else life, even a stranger’s.   I encourage each and every one of you to step outside yourself, even in these troubled times, to see how a small Christmas donation can make a big difference to children in need.  Watch the brief video below and you will see how this charites for children  has impacted children’s lives across the globe.

I learned about this Christmas donations program at my church this year.  I filled the first box with hope and fun for some child to open and enjoy, shopping at the dollar store for simple gifts and hitting the Payless for an inexpensive pair of gym shoes.  It cost next to nothing–$15 to fill a box for children in need.  This charity for children inspired me to get two more boxes and fill them with both toys and some functional items like mechanically operated flash lights, solar powered calculators, note pads & pencils.  I got a princess notebook for one child in need and included a pair of purple gloves just like the princess was wearing in the picture.  I hope she likes them!  It was fun and I’m still smiling from my finds.  Being a part of Christmas charities & helping children in need has made me even more aware of my blessings.

To find out more about this fabulous program or to fill a special Christmas box for children in need

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Thanks a bunch!