911 Tribute Photograph on the 10th Anniversay

I was flying across the US the year after 2011 and as I crossed the midwest I looked out my window and saw this amazing tribute in the fields below.  Unfortunately this is an old and faded picture because the sea air takes all the life out of photos and the original is buried who knows where, digital or film I cannot recollect.  But I do remember how I scrambled for my camera so as not to miss taking this special photograph.

Some mid-western farmer felt so compelled to pay tribute to the 911 attack that he turned his fields into an American flag and a clock face that shows the hour of the attack.  I can only guess at the number of hours it took in planning and planting to create this 911 tribute but this farmer hopefully sat in his seat with pride as he passed those hours, perhaps in prayer but most certainly in homage, to our American family members who died in the attack and the families that were left behind to pick up the pieces and carry on.

I was surprised that the pilots didn’t announce its presence but perhaps they did not want  a mad rush to that side of the plane or perhaps wounds were still too fresh that they didn’t want to make anxious any passengers in their care.  Whatever the case, I’m so pleased to have this 911 tribute in my personal collection.

I would love to discover who the farmer is so please pass this on.  If you saw this view yourself, please add your reflections.

God, please continue to bless America.

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