Social Media Revolution–Fact or Fiction

Social Media is not for the faint of heart.  Just for those in the modern era.  Many folks these days want to push aside the notion that the way we get information has changed dramatically.  Some people still believe the mainstream glean the goods from newspapers–that’s a laugh.  We have shifted as a society from our old ways, print and TV, to the new, online venues like online newspapers, and even bigger, social media websites such as Facebook, MySpace & Twitter, for information exchange.  If you aren’t familiar with these names it’s because your nose is stuck between your dirty, old, wasteful newspaper.  See how powerful these vehicles have become.  If you aren’t using them, you are behind, not just socially but professionally as well.  Can you afford to be a social media slacker in this era?  In this economy?

I hope you found this interesting.  It goes to show you how we can make a passive income sitting at our computers leveraging our networks.  I’m using these tools to my advantage by promoting this free online shopping mall called Blastoff, where folks get a discount and earn cash back on their purchases and the purchases of the friends they refer to this free website.  I’m going to let the viral nature of social media go to work for me so that I can make money while I’m sleeping.  Good night…..

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