Southern California Real Estate in a State of Recovery or Further Decline?

Concerning California foreclosures, Bruce Norris is the leading expert in California on the state of the Southern California real estate market.  He has followed 3 cycles and predicted this one.  His insights are worth taking note of.  If you live outside of California, you’ll still benefit from his crafty analysis.  Money has been made from his predictions and fortunes saved as well.  I personally attended this event “I Survived Real Estate 2009” on September 11 and found the panel fascinating, as well as being a fabulous fund raiser for Komen for the Cure.  Check in on this podcast and hear some industry leaders debate about legislation, stimulation and today’s economy.  Since the event, Mr. Norris was  appointed to the Executive Committee of the Real Estate Research Council of Southern California, a position he entirely deserves as all of Southern California looks to him for news on the local recovery.  We, here in Southern California, look forward to his prognostications.

Podcast from Bruce Norris’ “I Survived Real Estate” Event

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