Twitter-nomics: Is Twitter Successful?

This article was brought to my attention by my friend Chad Briggs on his blog. It’s a very interesting discussion about the growth of Twitter and its economics.  Like the dot com craze, the question is asked “How do they make money & will they be profitable.”  These are addressed in this article.  I am choosing to feature this because I am a twitter-aholic and as such was wondering these very same questions.  Now I know and you can too…..

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Twitter Economics

by Brian Solis on 12/22/2009 12:59

With a $1 billion valuation, Twitter is becoming, according to Co-Founder Evan Williams, an information network, a practically priceless exchange for connections, information, and the resulting activity that ensues.

Indeed, Twitter appears to have evolved into a human seismograph, a lifeline interweaving people through conversations, reciprocity, and connections inspired by the interests, ideas, passions, causes, and observations that move them.

Twitter’s core and most loyal users are at one with the service. Their daily actions hinge on the availability of Twitter (#whentwitterwasdown) and flourish with every new application introduced to improve the experience. Much more than a social network, the 140 character tweets that populate our attention dashboards lead us on unpredictable paths that connect us to new people and information – changing and evolving every time we log in.

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