Blastoff Affiliate Marketing Commissions Explained

Learn How You’ll Earn

How and when do I get paid?

Blastoff mails you a check at the end of each month for the accumulated total in your Blastoff account

. While it may take up to 90 days for transactions to clear their respective merchants, most members can expect to receive their commission checks every month, unless they just joined Blastoff or their accumulated monthly total is less than $25. If the balance does not reach this minimum, don’t worry. The total carries over each month until your account reaches $25 or more. Of course, those who frequently shop through Blastoff or have a large network of members should receive a check every month.

To see the expected amount of your next check, click on “My Rewards” from the member dashboard of your homepage. Refer to the section labeled “My Next Check” on the right-hand side of the screen. You can also see the totals for past commissions, as well as those which have not yet cleared the merchant.
Please note that we send checks to the mailing address associated with your Blastoff account, which you can change by clicking on “Edit My Account” in the profile section or “Account Settings” in the dashboard, both of which are located on the member homepage. Currently, we only mail checks to US and Canadian addresses, including PO Boxes, APO’s, and FPO’s.
Do I need a bank account to take advantage of Blastoff’s commission plan?

Is my income taxable?

Federal law requires any entity that pays out $600 or more to an individual in one calendar year to report the amount as miscellaneous income.
When your account accrues a total of $600 or more for the first time, and this amount has been cleared for payment, you will receive notification that Blastoff requires your social security or tax ID number so that we can continue to mail you your commission checks. We will also send you a link to a free and secure third-party site where you can fill out Form W-9. You will need to fill out this form every year you earn $600 or more.
You only have to complete this form once, unless your personal information or tax withholding status changes. Each year you earn $600 or more, you will receive Form 1099 in the mail, which indicates your income for the previous tax year and the fact that it has been reported to the IRS.

How does the commission plan work? What amount or percentage do I receive from each level of my network?

This is one of the greatest benefits of Blastoff membership. Blastoff returns a cash-back amount to you—the shopper—for every purchase you make on a merchant’s online storefront through your Blastoff homepage. These amounts, which are set by each merchant, could be in the form of a percentage discount (ranging from 1%-15% and based on the total of your order) or a fixed monetary amount. You can find the type and amount of award offered by each merchant by looking beneath their icon on the Blastoff Mall or Travel page. To access the Blastoff Mall, click on “Mall” in the shopping navigation window of your member homepage.
Likewise, when anyone in your network (out to 10 levels away from you) links to a merchant from their Blastoff account and makes a purchase, you continue to benefit. Blastoff contributes a portion of every sale generated by its members and distributes it equally across the shopper’s up-line network, without affecting the original shopper’s cash-back commission. Because 1) the number of people in your network can vary greatly, 2) each merchant offers a unique cash-back award, and 3) most awards are dependent upon purchase totals, it is impossible to accurately calculate your exact commission potential. But generally, it will range between 0.084% and 3% of every sale (before taxes and shipping and handling charges) generated within 10 levels of your network.
To get an idea of your commission potential from a Mall or Travel purchase, choose one of the merchants that you or your friends shop often and estimate the total from a typical purchase. Divide that merchant’s commission by three, then divide that amount by 10 (for each level in your network), and apply it to the total (if it is a percentage-based bonus). The result is a rough estimate of what you will earn every time anyone within the first 10 levels of your network makes a similar purchase from that merchant.
Blastoff offers a member commission of $25-$100 for each new wireless plan you purchase, as well as $2 for each wireless contract you extend. Additionally, when anyone in the first 10 levels of your network shops, you will receive $2 for their new wireless activation and $1 for their wireless contract renewal. Blastoff members also get paid for wireless accessory purchases (including ringtones and wallpapers), the percentage of which varies based on product and manufacturer.
The home service commissions vary by type of service:
· SATELLITE and CABLE: $40-$175 when you purchase a new subscription and $4 when anyone within the first 10 levels of your network does the same
· INTERNET: $10-$150 when you purchase a new subscription and $1 when anyone within the first 10 levels of your network does the same
· DIGITAL PHONE: $15-$40 when you purchase a new subscription and $2 when anyone within the first 10 levels of your network does the same
With over 400 popular retailers, cash-back discounts up to 15%, even better savings on wireless and home services, and a network that can extend up to 10 levels away from you with an unlimited number of friends on each level, your Blastoff account will take off in no-time. Best of all, there is absolutely no cost to you, and those doing the shopping are also saving money just for buying the things they normally would buy anyway. So it’s a win-win situation.

Are there any limits to the number of people from whom I can earn commissions?

Are there any limits to the amount I can earn?

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