Branding Yourself Online through Social Media

Ok, lesson number one:  Define yourself from the very beginning and stick to it.  You must create a brand and use it everywhere so that you will be recognized.  McDonald’s didn’t open it’s doors, call themselves the Boozo Burger and then later c ome up with McDonald’s.  They figured out their identity and stuck with it, giving themselves a huge competitive edge in the market place.  Name recognition goes a long way, and with McDonald’s, you can see that it’s even gone international–decades ago, as a matter of fact.  That’s the strength of their brand.  More people in the world knew about McDonald’s and their famous golden arches long before it hit their foreign shores.  Why?  Because of branding–and I suppose because millions of American’s mass consumed those burgers!

So your first step is to brand yourself.  I suggest you brand yourself by using your name.  That’s how most social media experts trend.  You want everything to be branded to your name: your blog/website url, your Twitter name, Facebook name, Google & Youtube as well.  To check availability of your brand visit where you can research whether your name is already being used in all the social networks.  This is a fabulous tool and speeds your search.  By doing this you are creating consistency in your branding.   You might have to hyphenate your name like I did on my blog because there is already someone using my name–go figure.  My personal blog looks like this http://megan-mcginnis.comand my team blog is  Check it out…

Why use your name?  Well, the thought behind that is you are going to create an audience and that audience will follow you anywhere if you are giving them great content–doesn’t matter if you are a real estate agent one year, a restaurateur the next or a dog walker.  If you gave them content they will follow you.  If on the other hand you are wanting to brand a product then that’s a great angle as well. The same thing holds true in terms of consistency.  Make sure your brand name is available everywhere.

With Rocking Angels we had to decide what to do because the Twitter name was not available.  Everything else was so we decided that rather than call ourselves the Rocking Divas, we’d compromise and use RockingAngels3 for our Twitter identity.  Interestingly (to me at least), since forming the Rocking Angels I’ve been more aware of the brand Angels and I’ve seen some other folks out there using it to great affect.  The Google Angels are the most compelling group.  Just a side bar….I want to grow up and be just like them.

Ok, back to business.  Will your brand work?

Go take a look now….