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Who is Megan McGinnis?

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In a nutshell this is Meeeegan McGinnis:

Having moved from Chicago almost five years ago, leaving my antique store behind, I have delved into the field of real estate, buying and selling and helping others in their investing endeavors.  I love meeting people and seeing how I can help them improve their situation through my resources and networks.  Since this economic downturn I have turned my energies towards helping people keep what they have: their homes, their 401Ks, their assets and I’m educating folks about how money works and helping them create passive, residual income streams through real estate and affiliate marketing.  Graduating in the top 2% of her class at Saint Mary’s College in Notre Dame, Indiana makes me a natural at these endeavors.

Who is Megan McGinnis in a little more detail?

Megan McGinnis is a Midwestern gal with a penchant for pursuing her interests with passion and gusto.  With no experience in the field of antiques, she went from concept to doors-open-for-business in a total of 3 weeks in the city of Chicago where she had just moved and where she knew next to no one.  Now that’s not to say that she didn’t have more than a little help from her unpaid support staff back in Indiana, where mother, Trudy, and youngest sister, Shauna, slaved like Santa’s elves on the eve of Christmas Eve, polishing end tables, gluing legs of dining room tables, removing thick coats of dust from sundry items recently purchased in the hallowed halls of the weekly Shipshewana auction house—less house and more like barn.  What did Megan know of antiques?  Little to nothing but she recognmegan mcginnis antique storeized an opportunity to buy low in a farmer’s auction and sell high in an upscale market like down town Chicago.  Seeing the opportunity she seized it and was in business for 7 years with two stores at one point.  By the time she liquidated her business, Megan had a PHD in retail and a fair amount of knowledge about antiques, gaining all of this on the job and in books along the way.  Trial by fire is the best teacher there is.

After wrapping up business in Chicago, the draw west was irresistible and Megan headed there where 3 sisters were already living.  Knowing that retail was a “mission accomplished” and not feeling the need to duplicate her efforts here on the west coast, Megan set out to find a new endeavor.  While New York is the financial hub of America as identified by the stock market on Wall Street, California is considered by some to be the real estate hub of America and the focus of much wealth building is through real estate acquisition.  Megan, finding herself in the Mecca of real estate just before the crash when the hype was still keeping people excited, the frenzy still furious and folks over leveraging themselves like crazy, decided to join the fervor but of course in a non-traditional way, not as a realtor like three quarters the population of California but as an investor.

What did Megan know of real estate?  Just enough to be dangerous and just enough to know that she needed to learn more so she got her education through extensive reading, consulting successful investors, attending real estate clubs and pursuing a few different areas of involvement from tax lien investing to wholesaling.  The consummate professional, Megan published her own retail website to attract potential buyers and sellers.  This website development could be considered the beginning of her career transition to online marketing.  From the traditional static website she has moved to the now more popular blog format, harnessing the full-throttle power of social media.

This blog is currently directed at real estate investing topics as well as social media topics and most recently she has added hip-resurfacing as another hot topic because she sees the need for education in this arena as well, having been introduced to the necessity by someone who had the bone-saving procedure.  (I digress.)

But back to real estate.  As Megan’s real estate education expanded so did her personal network and her desire to help others succeed in real estate without having to spend thousands of dollars on expensive seminars.  She created her own website to share her knowledge and had a separate website dedicated to helping professionals improve their marketing efforts.  She has since consolidated all this information on this blog!

Evolving even further, Megan is helping families get financially educated.  Not enough people know how money works so they are recklessly creating debt instead of building real, lasting wealth.  This stick house of an economy is crumbling because too few people are actually living financially stable lives.  Megan’s hope is to educate enough people to help make this economic recovery a lasting one.  One of the best ways to reach the most people is through the internet (social media) and that is why she is reaching out in this fashion.  It’s more far reaching than sitting across kitchen tables touching one family at a time.  Through the internet, she can reach out to thousands of families across kitchen tables each night by virtue of this virtual tool.  It’s grand!

Her real estate seminar education morphed into social media seminar attending and her skills magnified.  After helping many friends turbo-charge their online efforts, Megan decided to take the show on the road and is now a top speaker for social media education, with her niche being in (it will only take one guess, I hope) real estate.  Her fan base on facebook and twitter are engaged in daily discussions and she continues to consult with individuals and companies who are wanting to harness the power of social media.

megan mcginnis family

On a more personal note, Megan has always valued personal relationships above all else.  Her family has always come first and she ranks God as her biggest fan right behind her 95 year old Grandfather.  She attends church weekly, volunteers when she can and supports a few key causes like Komen for the Cure, Habitat for Humanity, The Special Olympics, and  KIVA, a micro-loan non-profit organization.  You might catch her on the tennis court, the golf course or a beach tennis court but more likely behind her computer or behind a counter serving people.  She’s not a health nut but she’s a conscientious eater, an avid supplement taker with a holistic bent, and is dedicated to daily fitness.   She’s a fan of Notre Dame football since that’s her home town and she’s currently watching a game as she types this.  With God all things are possible.

Thanks so much for stopping in and I hope you’ll share me with some of your friends.  Be sure to join my blog by adding your comments and by subscribing.  Peace.

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